The Crucible

This show is proudly sponsored by Hugh and Betty Dilley.

Show runs March 22 thru April 7.

Director: Sam Weakley


John Proctor-Joe Hooker
Danforth-Ron Kwoka
Rev. Hale-James Dale Green
Rev. Parris-Joe Prestigiacomo
Giles Corey-Jim Palmer
Thomas Putnam-Samuel Hilliard
Willard/Cheever et al-Kashief Crain
Francis Nurse-Jerry Wakefield
Elizabeth Proctor-Chelsea Robinson
Ann Putnam-TBD
Rebecca Nurse-Sylvia Barringer Wilson
Sarah Good (& voice of Martha Corey)-Sarah Insch
Cast code-name “Evil”:
Abigail Williams-Danielle Green
Mary Warren-Mimi Herren
Mercy Lewis-Dinah Patt
Susanna Walcott-
Cast code-name “Wicked”:
Abigail Williams-Tiffany Brantley
Mary Warren-Isabella Littleton
Mercy Lewis-Dilyn Doherty
Susanna Walcott-

Synopsis:  The story focuses upon a young farmer, his wife, and a young servant-girl who maliciously causes the wife’s arrest for witchcraft. The farmer brings the girl to court to admit the lie—and it is here that the monstrous course of bigotry and deceit is terrifyingly depicted. The farmer, instead of saving his wife, finds himself also accused of witchcraft and ultimately condemned with a host of others.