Audition Form

Fools by Neil Simon

Directed by James Kevin Cochran

Dates:  December 15-16

2:00-5:00 PM both days

Character List:

Leon:  Male 20-40, enthusiastic teacher who falls in love with Sophia

Snetsky: Male/Female 30s Shepherd, Incredibly Stupid

Kupchik Male/Female 50s But looks as old as possible, Magistrate, incredibly stupid

Slovitch Male/Female 30s A butcher, incredibly stupid

Mishkin Male/Female 30s Delivers Mail, incredibly stupid

Yenchna Female 20s, A Vendor, Incredibly stupid

Dr. Zubritsky  Male 40-50, Village Doctor, incredibly stupid

Lenya Zubritsky  Female 40-50 Doctor’s Wife, incredibly stupid

Sophia Zubritsky  Female 19-30 Beautiful daughter of Doctor, incredibly stupid

Gregor Yousekevitch Male 20-30, The count who holds village in his thrall

Note:  These people are stupid because of a curse, not because of their intelligence level.

Page 34-36 Snetsky, Leon, Yenchna, Mishkin, Slovitch

Pg 10-11 Leon and Snetsky

Pg 12-14 Slovitch, Mishkin, Yenchna, Leon

Pg 20-23 Lenya, Doctor, Leon

Pg 26-28 Leon, Sophia, Lenya, Doctor

Pg 32-34 Leon and Sophia

Pg 36-39 Gregor, Leon, Doctor, Sophia, Lenya