Why Donate

Why You Matter…

GCT is an economic engine for local business.

A night at the theatre is an evening out. Dressing up, a babysitter, a lovely dinner out, and, just maybe, drinks after. Every theatre ticket drives an additional $24.60-$49.20 in spending in our local economy. Based on a recent study by

GCT invests in tomorrow.

Theatre is a dynamic and powerful instrument for young people to develop a personal sense of self. It fuels an understanding of their relationship and responsibility to our larger community.

GCT is vital to our cultural landscape.

Germantown is an amazing place to live, and a robust cultural landscape is essential to maintain a sustainable thriving community. Theatre not only celebrates community character but also reinforces and enhances our collective sense of place.

GCT creates community.

Theatre uses story to create meaning in the dynamic world around us. We go to the theatre because it helps us understand ourselves: the emotions, thoughts, fears, dreams and choices that create our lives. Theatre is a playground for empathy, opening a window into the lives of others.


Ways To Give


An in-kind donation is a non-monetary contribution. Please contact us by phone at our main number, 901-453-7444 to explore how your services can support the theatre. Appointments must be made prior to drop-off of any sort.


We can happily accept direct donations via the phone and we accept all major credit cards. To make your contribution, please call the main number at 901-453-7444 from 10 AM – 4 PM, Mon – Fri.


GCT accepts checks as well! Simply mail your payment  to 3037 Forest Hill Irene Road, Germantown, TN 38138. You will receive a personalized letter, noting your contribution was accepted. You will automatically be recognized at the appropriate Creative Partner level (see below).


There are two easy ways to donate online:

Follow this link to be directed to our donation page through our website.


Follow our Facebook page and make a contribution through the Facebook Donate button, located on GCT’s main page, under the Cover Photo. 

Creative Partner Levels

Donations of $50+ will receive a listing in our Playbill:

FRIEND $50-$99

ASSOCIATE $100-$249

PARTNER $250-$499

DIRECTOR $500-$999

PRODUCER $1,000-$2,999

BENEFACTOR $3,000-$4,999

STAR $5,000-$9,999

ANGEL $10,000 +


We are incredibly thankful for this year’s supporters:

Angel Level

Martha & Jerrold Graber

Dr. Bo Adams

Jean L. & Andrew F. Saunders

Star Level

Betty Dilley

Dorothy O. Kirsch

Benefactor Level

Pulley & Associates

Hal & Lori Beckham

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Fondren, Jr.

Eric & Rachel Newsome

Producer Level

Janice Toshach

Louise Levin

Scott Davis

Brian and Rachael Everson

Sandra & Merv Isreal in honor of Barry Israel for his 50th birthday from Mom, Dad, & Sharon

Germantown Women’s Club

Director Level

Marler Stone

John Barzizza

Carlton & Sheila Anderson

Mike & Bonnie Robinson

Race &Martha Bennett

JoAnn Duncan

John Rone

Rick & Teresa Jordan

Dorrie Simms

Sherril Blair

Ben & Ruth Woodworth

Robert & Mary Koch

Jim & Nancy Mitchell

Stella & Kirby Woehst

Partner Level

Dianne King

Elsie Petty

Robin Wilcox

Justin Entzminger

George & Carol Barnes

Malaika Kumar

David & Meredith Schuessler

David & Luann Forell

Barbara & Bill Johns

Seth Jewell

Associate Level

Donna & Rusty Newman

Brandy Miller

John & Constance Kapner

Sherill Blair

Gregory Vandeven

Justin Bailey

Tom Haynes

Kirk Walters

Michael Lemm

Winston & Edna Daws

A.J. Daneman

Beth Farris

Diana Watkins

Helen Norman

Elaine Rosenberg in honor of Betty Dilley

Eleanor Appling

Dorothy Hamer

Amy & Patrick Parkison

Berta & Willard Nance

Chuck Pintner

John & Chris Hanne

Scott & Kimberly Brothers

Jim & Sharon Goldsworthy

Sandra Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Blair

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Chiles

Sharon Ohsfeldt

Joe Audrey Jordan in honor of Rick & Teresa Jordan

Carolyn Delaney

Friend Level

Kerry Strahm

Martha Watkins Swan

Charles Ingram

Barbara Greenbon

Carol Stowell

Beverly Froelich

Lelia Brosky

Timothy & Amy Whelan

Rose Bradley

Mark Cary

Kelly Ciaramitaro