Why your support matters...

GCT is an economic engine for local business.

A night at the theatre is an evening out. Dressing up, a babysitter, a lovely dinner out, and, just maybe, drinks after. Every theatre ticket drives an additional $24.60-$49.20 in spending in our local economy.

GCT invests in tomorrow.

Theatre is a dynamic and powerful instrument for young people to develop a personal sense of self. It fuels an understanding of their relationship and responsibility to our larger community.

GCT is vital to our cultural landscape.

Germantown is an amazing place to live, and a robust cultural landscape is essential to maintain a sustainable thriving community. Theatre not only celebrates community character but also reinforces and enhances our collective sense of place.

GCT creates community.

Theatre uses story to create meaning in the dynamic world around us. We go to the theatre because it helps us understand ourselves: the emotions, thoughts, fears, dreams and choices that create our lives. Theatre is a playground for empathy, opening a window into the lives of others.

Thank you for your support!