Making sensory-friendly performances of our season shows possible and presenting inclusive theatre workshops that harness the imaginations of teen and adult neurodivergent members of our community through the healing expression of theatrical play!


FSTI seeks to continue offering these workshops and host Sensory Friendly performances of our season shows for only $10 a seat. These performances will have less intense lighting and sound effects and house lights remaining on during the show as well as a Sign Language interpreter and other adjustments to create an inviting space for all.  

Tickets are available thru our regular ticketing page on this website or by calling 901-453-7447.

IF you would like to donate any amount to GCT to help fund this programming so we can continue to hire incredible teachers, keep Sensory Friendly shows at a low price and hopefully make our Workshops FREE to participate any amount will help! Scan here and know that your donation is changing lives thru theatre! 

Big thanks to Sylvamo for their generous donation to help keep Full Spectrum Theatre Initiative workshops and Sensory Friendly Performances more affordable 


FSTI is geared towards teenage and adult neurodivergent members of our community. This includes individuals on the autism spectrum, those with Downs Syndrome, or those diagnosed with a learning or behavioral difference.  All levels of experience and ability are welcome. 

This workshop will encourage self-advocacy through the creative process. Theatre professionals and education specialists will lead participants in activities that will foster social interaction and community building, as well as individual creativity, and artistic expression.

Registration is open for FSTI Summer 2024 Workshop May 4th – June 22nd on Saturdays 9:30am- 11:30am. 

Click HERE to enjoy a video celebrating the first of many Full Spectrum Theatre workshops from spring of 2023! Thank you Marques, teachers, volunteers and participants!

We are currently seeking teen and adult volunteers to participate in the workshop alongside the class, and to be there as a support system for participants! Volunteers/Class Buddies would participate and assist by modeling the activities in class and encouraging our participants. If this sounds like something you or someone you know would be interested in, check out the link below to register as a volunteer, or contact Marques Brown at exec@gctcomeplay.org for more info.  We are looking for folks who can commit to the full schedule and we will honor and record any community service hours for our volunteers! Click the button to register, and we will follow up with you about expectations, and your availability for an orientation meeting.