Ryan Niemiller is visiting GCT-Updated New Date

America’s Got Talent finalist Ryan Niemiller is performing at GCT this June. This event is not being produced by GCT and is not a part of the GCT theatrical programming. Tickets are only available on Mr. Niemiller’s site.

About the show:

America’s Got Talent finalist Ryan Niemiller is coming to the Germantown Community Theatre Tuesday June 30th at 7:30 pm and 9:45pm.

Despite being born with a disability in both arms, Ryan Niemiller, the self-proclaimed “Cripple Threat of Comedy” shares his views of the world from the perspective of the handicapped.

Ryan began his comedy career in Los Angeles, California, and hasn’t looked back since, performing in clubs and colleges across the country. Covering topics such as dating, trying to find employment, and attempting to find acceptance in a world not designed for him, Ryan tackles the issues in a way that makes you think while laughing the entire time.

With his quick wit, great timing, and a gimmick that only he can exploit, Ryan hopes to prove to the comedy world that he may be unarmed, but he is dangerous.

Doors will open around 7:00 pm

Show is rated R. Under the age of 18 permitted while accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

No refunds for this show