SUBMISSION DATE: August 21st, 2020


Show Dates: December 11th-18th, 2020

When a department store Santa claims he’s the real Kris Kringle, his case gets taken all the way to the Supreme Court, and a little girl’s belief makes the difference in the ‘miracle.’ This all student production of the Miracle on 34th Street Radio Play is sure to melt even the most cynical of hearts this holiday season.

AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: Please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue from a play and submit a recording to miracleon34thauditions@gmail.com . You are more than welcome to keep your lines in front of you if you aren’t completely memorized! Please also attach a headshot and audition form with your email. We may ask some of you to attend a call back, consisting of cold readings from the show. Submission deadline is August 21st.

*Optional: If you are a singer, you may choose to sing 16-32 measures of a Christmas carol acapella or with a track/accompaniment and send that to us as well! Singing is definitely not required for this show, but there is a possibility for some added music in scenes.

A few audition tips:

· Because this play will have very simple staging, we are looking for big personality in these auditions! We really want actors who have high energy, excellent diction, and make big choices as they read.

· When filming your audition, try to frame the shot from your waist up, in front of a fairly blank background (wall or open outdoor area), and make sure there is plenty of light! Natural lighting is always a good bet.

· Please start your video with your name, age, and the role you are auditioning for (if there is a specific one).


Kris Kringle (mature male): the new Santa Claus at Macy’s. Claims to be the real deal.

Doris Walker (adult female): Macy’s public relations employee and single mother

Susan Walker (young female): Doris’s precocious young daughter. A Santa skeptic.

Fred Gailey (adult male): Lawyer and admirer of Doris. In search of love and a miracle.

Ensemble Characters (our ensemble actors will perform multiple ensemble roles)

Drunken Santa: let go from Macy’s for obvious reasons

Shellhammer: Macy’s PR employee

R.H. Macy: owner of Macy’s department store

Alfred: Kris Kringle’s coworker

Sawyer: Stuffy head of personnel dept.

Miss Prong: his secretary

Mother 1: Macy’s shopper with thick NY accent

Mortimer: her son, wants toys

Mother 2: shopping with young daughter

Girl: also wants toys

Dr. Pierce: Psychiatrist and friend to Kris

Gimbel: owner of Gimbels dept. store, Macy’s biggest rival

Nurse: at Bellevue Hospital

Judge: tough judge on the Kris Kringle case

Charley: Judge’s friend, an Irish priest

Thomas Mara: Prosecuting attorney

Mrs. Mara: His wife

Tommy: their son

Various reporters, postman, photographers, crowd.