Audition Tips and What to Expect!

Introduce Yourself!

Before you start your song, come on into the middle of the room and let us know your name and what you will be singing.

If you mess up, no worries!

Just take a breath and let us know you would like to start again. We’ve all messed up before, we get it, and no one will be upset with you at all!

HAVE FUN with your audition piece!

We are looking for people are smiling, full of energy, and aren’t afraid to make some big acting choices!

Memorize your music in plenty of time for your audition.

The longer you give yourself to memorize, the easier of a time you will have when you’re nervous!

Look up!

Find a place to focus above the director’s table so that we can see your face but you don’t necessarily have to watch ours.


Dance Call:

The dance audition is to see how fast you all learn choreography. There may be things in it that are too difficult for you and that’s on purpose! When in doubt, just smile and do your best! We are looking at how you learn and not all roles are dancing roles.

Call Backs:

Not everyone will need to come to callbacks, so do not panic if you aren’t called back! During this time, you may be asked to read some scenes from the script. They do not need to memorized and we are looking at how you work together and take direction.