2018-19 Creative Partners

Angel ($10K+)
Jean L. and Andrew F. Saunders

Benefactor ($3,000-$4,999)
Betty Dilley
Hal and Lori Beckham

Producer ($1,000-$2,999)
Sandra and Mervyn Israel
Bill Short
Ted Grayes
Rocky and Sarah Janda
Janice Toshach
Brian and Rachael Everson
Louise Levin
John Rone
Belz 2008 Foundation
Eric and Rachel Newsome
Germantown Women’s Club

Director ($500-$999)
Mayor Mike Palazzolo
Devon Gosnell
Kirby and Stella Woehst
David and Luann Forell
Medtronic Foundation
Seth and Chelsea Jewell
Rick and Teresa Jordan
Jim and Sherril Blair

James and Nancy Mitchel

Partner ($250-$499)
Bill and Barbara Johns
Foy and Bill Coolidge
Jim and Barbara Dodge
Dianne King
Paul Allen
Leah Fox-Greenberg and Shim Greenberg

Associate ($100-249)
Bernard and Beverly Froelich
Greg and Katherine Vandeven
Tom Haynes
Race and Martha Bennett

Dorothy Hamer

Friend ($50-$99)
William and Joyce Miles
Berta and Willard Nance
Paul and Jocelyn Scott
Laurie Whitney

Rose Ann Bradley
Jared Johnson