Arsenic and Old Lace

Sponsored by Martha and Jerrold Graber

Runs June 15 thru July 1.

Director: John Rone.  (Hear John, along with Brian Everson, discuss the show on WKNO’s “Checking on the Arts”)




Jo Lynne Palmer (Abby Brewster )

Teri Feigelson (Martha Brewster)

Brian Everson (Mortimer Brewster)

Hailey Townsend (Elaine Harper)

Parker Dinwiddie (Teddy Brewster)

Paul Scott (Jonathan Brewster)

Shannon Elsea (Dr. Einstein)

Brett Ray (Officer Brophy)

Jason Reed (Officer Klein)

Randell Beasley (Officer O’Hara)

BC Jennings (Mr. Gibbs/Lieutenant Rooney)

Jim Palmer (Rev. Harper/Mr. Witherspoon)


Good-hearted drama critic, Mortimer Brewster, appears to lead a normal, happy life. Recently engaged to be married, Mortimer plans a trip to visit his charming, spinster aunts, Abby and Martha Brewster. However, shortly after Mortimer’s arrival, he discovers that his innocent aunts have a deadly secret buried in the basement–about a dozen older gentlemen. To Mortimer’s dismay, Abby and Martha deem their poisonous habits as charitable acts, convinced that they are putting these men out of their misery. Attempting to protect society without sending Abby and Martha to prison, hilarity and madness ensue as Mortimer tries to wrangle in his crazy aunts, along with his brothers–Theodore, who believes he is Theodore Roosevelt, and maniacal, murderous Jonathan.