Ken Ludwig’s Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood

July 23-August 1, 2021

Directed by:  Julie Reinbold

Stage Manager:  Maranda Mays

Assistant Stage Manager:  Jasmine Johnson

Fight Choreographer:  

Lighting Design:

Sound Design:

Set Design:

Costume Design:

Prop Designer:  Andrew Chandler

Producer:  Christina Hernandez


Robin Hood                                        Donovan Smith

Maid Marian                                      Abigail Gilbert

Friar Tuck                                           Henry Sharp

Little John                                          Corey Jeffries

Deorwynn                                           Evy Allen

Sir Guy of Gisbourne                        Jaylen Thomas

The Sheriff of Nottingham              Jason Lindow

Prince John                                        Quentin Allen

Ensemble (Will be assigned various roles including Heloise, Much the Miller, Midwife, Simon, Robert, Ansgot, Master Bladen, Soldiers, Master Godwin, Foresters, Alize, Jacques, Roderick, Etienne, Fawkes,    Mateo, Margery, Diego, Blind Man, Maximillian, Monks, Matthias, Tankred, Archers, Father Goph, Executioners, Bajka, Gaspar)

Jasmine Jeffries

Victoria Lindow

Lori Pound

Megan Spillyards

Gavin Pollan

Simon Leon

Lucca Scarpace

J. Lord