GCT Board of Directors:

Our Board of directors are made up of unique and diverse patrons, professionals, and leaders in our community.  Their service provides guidance to the direction of the theatre, its programming, and mission.  They serve as advocates for GCT in the community and assist in fundraising and securing the future of GCT by adopting ethical and financial management policies.

The board of directors is as follows: 

Teresa Jordan, President

Robyn Sharp, 1st Vice-President 

Eileen Kuo, 2nd Vice-President 

Kelly Luttrell, Treasurer 

Donna Chandler Newman, Secretary 

Hal Beckham, Parliamentarian 


Shelley Carr

Justin Entzminger

Roderick Motley

Andrew Saunders

Julie Scarpace

Paul Scott

Jennifer Sisson

Janice Toshach

Todd Walsh

Tiana Wooden