2019-2020 Creative Partners

Angels $10,000+

Jean and Andy Saunders

City of Germantown

Tennessee Arts Commission

Star $5000-$9999


Dr. Jonathan Ellichman

Benefactors $3000-$4999

C Studio Hospitality Design LLC

Hal and Lori Beckham

Hugh and Betty Dilley

Eric and Rachel Newsome

Producers $1000-$2999

Belz 2008 Foundation

Germantown Kiwanis Club

Germantown Women’s Club

Brian and Rachael Everson

Mervin and Sandra Israel

BC and Teresa Jennings

Rick and Teresa Jordan

Dan Kopera

Louise Levin

Kelly and Mark Luttrell

Cheryl McClurg

Donna Chandler Newman and Rusty Newman

Steven and Rebecca Priddy

Di and John Randles III

Robyn, Steven, and Henry Sharp

Director $500-$999

Frank and Kathy Adams

Carlton and Sheila Anderson

Jim and Sherril Blair

Scot and Kim Brothers

Scott and Alise Davis

Bob and Vicki Eades

Justin and Elizabeth Entzminger

Paul and Debra Hayes

Seth and Chelsea Jewell

Frank and Jill Pennypacker

Jeffrey Posson

Bonnie and Mike Robinson

Bert and Dorrie Simms

Marler Stone

Asan Tejwani

Gerald and Sandra Wilson

Tiana Wooden

Partner $250-$499

Dr. James “Bo” and Petra Adams

Race and Martha Bennett

Jayne and Don Berube

Jack and Kathleen Blair

Shelley Carr

David and Leslie Cuicchi

Dr. Frances Fabian

Tom Haynes

Cynthia Mattox

F William Miles III and Joyce K Miles

Billy and Charlotte Myers

Chuck and Phyllis Pintner

Julie Scarpace

Paul Scott

Joanne Woody

Gregory Vandeven

Associate $100-$249

David Allen


Sue Binnie

Rose Ann Bradley

Bill and Sandra Chiles

AJ Daneman

Joann Duncan

Julie Freeman and Stuart Heyman

Carol Iovino

Martha Jones

Waunita Kelley

Duane and Lois Marshall

Andrea and Dan Orchik

Nancy Scott

Baylee Thielemier

Allen and Emily Underwood

Ben and Ruth Woodworth

Friend $50-$99

Leah Barrett

Mary Helen McCord

Vicki Parretti

William Schultz

John Schwarzmann