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GCT is currently searching for a Bookkeeper.  Please submit resumes to exec@gctcomeplay.org  Job description is below.

Job Summary:



  • Work with Executive Director to create and build in Quickbooks the fiscal year annual budget in May of each year.
  • Distribute the annual budget through Quickbooks (breakdown by month, etc.).
  • Create midyear with review of annual budget with Executive Director.

Accounts Receivable

  • Tracking ticket sales via Audience View disbursement report.
  • Reconcile disbursement report against cash and check sales.
  • Record fees into Quickbooks (Processing fees, credit card fees).
  • Maintain hard copy records of disbursement reports.
  • Reconcile petty cash and concessions.
  • Receive income from staff.
  • Staff submits income via approved income form.
  • Bookkeeper does not and cannot submit income (caveat: bookkeeper may submit box office income through the Executive Director when/if covering box office).
  • Reconcile and deposit weekend cash sales (concessions, tickets, donation buckets).

Accounts Payable

  • Receive bills from mail or other form.
  • Enter bills in Quickbooks.
  • Coordinate with Executive Director for bill pay.
  • Track and make payments.
  • Maintain hard copy records.
  • Receive and process expense reports from staff.
  • Receive and process check requests from staff.


  • Maintain time reporting for employees in payroll system.
  • Maintain and modify employee information in payroll system.
  • Approve payroll and submit online.
  • Receive People Processes reports and input into Quickbooks.


  • Reconcile:
    1. bank statements
    2. line of credit statements
    3. investment statements
  • Budget Reports
    1. Monthly
    2. Quarterly


  • Work with auditor for annual audit.
  • Make changes in Quickbooks with assistance and direction of auditor.
  • Generate and collect materials as requested by auditor for annual audit.


  • Assist in preparing monthly newsletter as needed
  • Assist in Social Media posting as needed


  •    Box office coverage as directed by Executive Director.


  •     Other duties as assigned.